Shredders Zerma

Mateu y Sole, S.A. official distributor of ZEMA in Spain

ZERMA with more than 60 years of experience is today one of the most important manufacturers of high quality crushing machines. ZERMA shredders are very quiet and produce little dust.


Shedders use square-shaped concave blades that provide a high-quality result. The blades of these machines can be turned over when one of their sides is worn.

All Zerma grinders have an E-Type flat rotor and the blades are fixed to special blade holders, located in machined cavities. These machines can be equipped with optional parts that diminish their wear even in processes of highly abrasive materials.


For Mateu and Solé, S.A. the customer satisfaction is fundamental. Our technical team and after-sales service distinguishes us as a confident company.

We supply new equipments including its final installation in the client’s premises and we give all the necessary technical support to the qualified personnel of the customer Company.Our commitment does not end here, you could contact us for any questions or additional information that you will need in relation to the equipment supplied thanks to our after-sales department specialized in:

  • Installation
  • Audit
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Original spare parts
  • Training and consulting.

Mateu Solé Shredder ZSS / ZPS Series

Shredder ZSS / ZPS Series

For various uses, single shaft have a design with powerful two-speed swing pusher. This eliminates the risk of blockage and wear of the inner rails. This machine is very versatile and can be used to grind all kinds of materials in various industries.

The rotors of 457 mm in diameter and 850 to 2000 mm wide are controlled by one or two geared motors.

Power: 37 -2 x 75 kW

Detail: Low speed + high torque gears with low power consumption. Powerful swing type hydraulic pusher. Reinforced drive shafts. Includes two hydraulic speeds.

Mateu Solé Shredder ZIS Series

Shredder ZIS Series

For big parts, for hollow and large pieces, they have a single shaft and a large interior space. The new hydraulic push system increases the area in the cutting chamber by about 35%, while increasing the power and speed of the pusher.
These machines are equipped with a ZERMA E rotor of 457 mm in diameter and 1200 to 2000 mm wide. As in the ZSS machines the rotor is driven by an over-dimensioned motor-reducer. The sealed case of welded steel increases machine stability and prevents material wastage.

ZIS machines inherit all the advantages of ZERMA blades and blade holders, as well as standard features: external bearings, hydraulic sieve support, easy maintenance and advanced controls.

Power: Since 1.9 kW.

Detail: It is presented in normal and soundproof version.

Mateu Solé Shredder ZXS Series

Shredder ZXS Series

For heavy duty, they have a single shaft with powerful design of two-speed swing type pusher that eliminates the risk of blockage and wear of internal rails. This machine is very versatile and can be used to grind all kinds of materials in various industries. Its rotors 750 mm in diameter and 1500 to 3000 mm wide are controlled by two geared motors.

The low speed (45 rpm) ensures high torque and smooth operation of the machine. The hydraulic system is located inside the machine housing which saves space and protects it, but still allows easy access and maintenance. The high design quality of the E rotors, blades and blade holders reaches new limits in this model of crusher, managing to conquer the most demanding tasks and challenges. These machines can be adapted for different applications of advanced control and hydraulic, reinforced lining and other options of high resistance.

Power: From 2×75 – 2×110 kW.

Detail: Low speed + high torque gears offering low power consumption. Powerful two-speed swing type hydraulic ram. Extra strong design. For very large and heavy parts.

Mateu Solé Shredder ZWS SMART Series

Shredder ZWS SMART Series

With the compact and economical SMART shredder is possible to carry out numerous crushing applications such as the production of splinters as an alternative fuel.

According to the required production and the type of material the machines can be adapted to different applications.

Compact construction, bulky hopper, steel rotor with full of blade-holders and SPS control for an entirely automatic service.

Power: 11 to 30 kW.

Detail: SMART. It is an economic solution specially designed for the crushing of wood waste in small and médium enterprises.

Mateu Solé Grinder ZWS Series

Grinder ZWS Series

This series is especially designed for heavy applications of plastic and wood, with high reliability ideal for a permanent service. Each machine is adapted to the needs of our customers according to the type of material, required production, final size, etc.

Voluminous hopper, welded steel construction, quiet and vibration-free service, rotor with screwdriver-blade blades. Hydraulic thruster with accelerated speed from type ZWS 1400.

Power: 15 – 2x 110 kW.

Detail: The material is pressed by the hydraulic pusher slightly inclined towards the rotor. Thus the material is crushed between the movable and fixed blades

Mateu Solé Shredder ZRS Series

Shredder ZRS Series

Shredders for tubes and profiles. They are the first single-shaft crushers in the world capable of crushing tubes up to 1200 mm, without having to cut them first. Since its launch they have become the leading machines for the shredding of pipes and are currently used by the world’s leading pipe manufacturers. Among its most relevant characteristics is that the diameter of the rotor and its width (between 800 and 1500mm) vary depending on the diameter of the pipe to be ground; And the standard hopper fits all pipe lengths up to 6 m.

Power: From 2×37 – 2×55 kW.

Detail: It is not necessary to cut tubes up to 1200mm in diameter and up to 6mts. Long. It offers high work performance and eliminates abrupt changes in amperage.

Mateu Solé Shredder ZTS / ZTTS Series

Shredder ZTS / ZTTS Series

Single shaft ZTS and ZTTS shredders are specially designed for heavy duty processing. Both machines have a 750 mm diameter rotor and 1500 to 3000 mm wide, with extra large outer bearings and double gear units. The tangential feeder ensures the smooth entry of the material and eliminates the need for a hydraulic feed system. All tire crushers are equipped with a wear resistance set including: reinforced lining, blades, and special plates made of highly wear resistant steel. The two models differ in the number of fixed blades and the size of the screens to be used. The modular design makes it easy to integrate these machines to any facility that already exists in the plant

Power: From 2×90 – 2×110 kW.

Detail: Single 750 mm diameter rotor, Irregular space between blades for better separation of steel and rubber, High volume of performance, Easy and quick maintenance.

Moreover in Zerma you will find:



Fixed rotor tools, their strong blades and rows of pre-breakers, create
High impact and performance, while helping to facilitate and accelerate tool change.

• Fixed hammer design
• Extra strong design
• High performance
• Easy maintenance
• Rapid disintegration of mixed materials

Mateu Solé Briquetting of wood and other waste

Briquetting of wood and other waste

The briquetting presses of the ZBP range are specially designed for the briquetting of splinters, cuttings or wood fines that serve for energy fuel and to reduce storage and transport costs. According to the required production and the type of material the briquetting presses can be adapted individually to the needs of the customers.


  • . Models with briquette discharge left or right
    . Hydraulics with independent oil tank
    . All models also available as “DUO”