Ebit System

Process of extrusion – blowing and injection that allows to obtain in a single step a complex piece of plastic.

Combined technology of extrusion-blowing and injection, developed entirely in Spain, that allows the manufacture of hollow pieces of complex geometry with fixations and other integrated elements. With this technology, initially aimed at the automotive sector, significant cost reductions and significant increase in the reliability of the produced parts are achieved.

With its accumulator head with suction in the parison.

Technology specially designed for blown parts with injected inserts

  • Minimal waste
  • Injected inserts, avoiding welding and offering + robustness and quality in the final piece.
  • Considerable decrease of the total cycle of the finished part with respect to conventional blowing.

High quality and cost reduction

  • Reduction of the risk of problems arising from the union between components.
  • It allows the production of parts with high added value, high quality and highly competitive.
  • Reduction of costs for investment, process and derivatives of “No Quality” (savings of between 25% and 35%)


For Mateu and Solé, S.A. the customer satisfaction is fundamental. Our technical team and after-sales service distinguishes us as a confident company.

We supply new equipments including its final installation in the client’s premises and we give all the necessary technical support to the qualified personnel of the customer company.

Our commitment does not end here, you could contact us for any questions or additional information that you will need in relation to the equipment supplied thanks to our after-sales department specialized in:

  • Installation
  • Audit
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Original spare parts
  • Training and consulting.
Mateu Solé Blow moulding Ebit System

Blow moulding Ebit System