VITA Series

It is our series of imported machines, offered to supply an equipment that offer a good performance, with the total guarantee, service and assistance that treasures our company.

They incorporate Servosystems, that means an energetic saving of up to 80% by difference to a traditional hydraulic equipments.

Extrusion processes – injection, PET, PVC, marble effect, bi-color or bimateria, double plate for large tonnage, electric injection and hydraulic closing or 100% electrical equipment.

Efficient and Respectful with the Environment

A wide range of machines to cover the requeriments of our customers.

√ Two parallel injection cylinders

√ Plasticization with hydraulic motor

√ Potentiometers Gefran for all movements

√ Proportional of contre-pressure

√ Insulation for the jacket

√ Auto purge

√ Rotation of the injection unit for maintenance

√ Interface Euromap 67 for robotic

√ Euromap 13 for cores

√ Water cooling control valve

√ Two air valves

√ Two Cores

√ Oil filter with microfiltration

√ Automatic greasing

√ Stainless material hopper

  • Large space between columns and maximum opening distance.
  • Maximum ejection stroke.
  • Heating and temperature accurate control.
  • Improved closing group design that allows easy opening of mold and quick and smooth movement of the closing group.
  • Design of the plate, flexible head, with modulus of equal resistance to the flexion.
  • Closure by double 5-point knee and structure that guarantees a long life of all its components.
  • Easy access and extensive ejection stroke
  • Injection with different options and modularities of Plasticizers for PE, PC, PVC and PET.
  • Hydraulic system with high precision oil filter.
  • Instant monitoring of oil level and temperature.
  • High-performance servomotor system.
  • Sistema para las protecciones de los relés mejorado.
  • Sistema de servomotor de rápida respuesta y máximo ahorro energético.
  • Control de alto rendimiento con dispositivo de pantalla táctil, obtención de datos de forma fácil y rápida.


For Mateu and Solé, S.A. the customer satisfaction is fundamental. Our technical team and after-sales service distinguishes us as a confident company.

We supply new equipments including its final installation in the client’s premises and we give all the necessary technical support to the qualified personnel of the customer company.

Our commitment does not end here, you could contact us for any questions or additional information that you will need in relation to the equipment supplied thanks to our after-sales department specialized in:

  • Installation
  • Audit
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Original spare parts
  • Training and consulting.


In current days, VITA – D series includes a wide range of injection machines that cover different customers needs and applications. They are:

  VITA – D Serie J . in case of pieces of big injection volumen by means of extrusion – injection.
  VITA – D Serie PET.  Injection of PET proforms.
  VITA – D Serie PVC. PVC injection.
  VITA – D Serie EH.  Injection machines 100% electric.
  VITA – D Serie DE: Injection machines with electric injection group and hydraulic closing group.
  VITA – D Serie DC.  For pieces with marbled effect by means of two plastifiers with a single injection nozzle.
√  VITA – D Serie DL y DD. To manufacture bicolour or bimateriel pieces by means of two independent injection units.