Dosing units

Mateu y Solé, S.A. Is distributor of different models of dosers: Volumetric and Gravimetric with which will obtain optimum levels of mixture and precise dosage.

Mateu Solé Volumetric dosers

Volumetric dosers

Among the family of volumetric doser, the new CDS model doser is distinguished by its simplicity, precision and flexibility. With the CDS we obtain an optimum mixing level which allows precise dosing.


Fully automatic operation, control panel with digital display. Ease of cleaning, trap door for manual discharge, ease evacuation of hopper material. Operation for injector with ON-OFF command, as well as possibility of ON with programmable OFF. Equipped with analog contact 0-10 volt (in case of working with extruder).


CDS I and CDS 2

Mateu Solé Gravimetric dosing units

Gravimetric dosing units

The gravimetric dosing units are adapted to the machine or directly to the injection presses, extruders, blowers or other plastic processing machines in granules, micro-granules and grinders. They can be equipped with worm screw to guarantee a better operation. These dispensers are distinguished by simplicity, precision, process repeatability and flexibility.


Fully automatic operation, touch control panel, quick cleaning and minimal maintenance, mixing with high homogenization, high reliability, intelligent mixing dosage management, parts in contact with stainless steel material, dynamic mixer with high performance.


PDSV 0-2-0 and PDSV 4-4-4