Blow moulding 2 stations

Blow moulding with 2 stations with simple or multiple head with up to 10 outputs

√ Heads in continuous of different nozzle size

√ Different spindle diameters

√ Manual / hydraulic filter changer

√ Heating zones with forced air cooling, regulated thanks to latest generation microprocessor.

√ Large dimensioned presses. With different closing forces by means of central cylinders or distributed by the plates

√ Incandescent cut of parision

  • Deburring and die cutting unit.
  • Group to verify internal or external sealing.
  • Evacuation of castings.
  • Evacuation of parts.
  • Cut to shear and seal.
  • Suction
  • Mill, belts, peripherals.


For Mateu and Solé, S.A. the customer satisfaction is fundamental. Our technical team and after-sales service distinguishes us as a confident company.

We supply new equipments including its final installation in the client’s premises and we give all the necessary technical support to the qualified personnel of the customer company.

Our commitment does not end here, you could contact us for any questions or additional information that you will need in relation to the equipment supplied thanks to our after-sales department specialized in:

  • Installation
  • Audit
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Original spare parts
  • Training and consulting.
Mateu Solé Blow moulding SAB - 10 / 2E

Blow moulding SAB - 10 / 2E

Mateu Solé Blow moulding SAB - 15 / 2E

Blow moulding SAB - 15 / 2E

Mateu Solé Blow moulding SAB - 20 / 2E

Blow moulding SAB - 20 / 2E